It’s that time again.

Saturday, August 31st

Time to put on your dancin’ boots (or just go barefoot), gather your friends and celebrate the end of summer with all of us at Oregon Country Farm. We’ve got an incredible line-up this year with Carley Baer, Paleo, Nick Jaina, Albatross, Run On Sentence, and Wooden Indian Burial Ground. It’s going to be A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Join us at 5pm, for food, games and music. Why not stay the night? We’ve got plenty of space for camping under the hazelnut orchard canopy and the late August skyline. We’re asking for a $5-$15 dollar donation which would include entry and schwag if you want it (which you will).

Contact us if you’ve got questions! We love to hear from people. And feel free to steal this flyer and show it to your friends.

FarmStomp2013 flyer


One thought on “FARM STOMP 2013

  1. Don Lyon says:

    looking forward to stomping in the meadow–where’s the grape?

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