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A seed and a prayer

More like hundreds of seeds and 5 specific prayers.

WELCOME TO THE OREGON COUNTRY FARM BLOG! I’ll be one of your hosts, Farmer Serah, and you can look forward to nearly a post a day from us. You’ll also be hearing from Farmer Gabriel and hopefully the many voices of the artists/farmers/movers/shakers here on the farm and in our community of Brownsville. Expect to read about what we’re planting, what we’re harvesting, what we’re painting and what we’re eating. Expect to be awed by the work of visiting artists, the sounds of visiting musicians (coming in April!), and expect to be inspired to grow your own food!

On that note, some photos of the day:

I learned to make these little seed start pods from my friend Emily's mom. I use a toilet paper roll cut in half, and a 5 inch strip of newspaper (Eugene's Register Guard). I line the TP roll with the newspaper strip, fold in the bottom overhanging edge and fill it with soil, seed, and more soil. watering them makes the newspaper adhere to itself and stay sturdy. Once our starts have been hardened off, we can put the whole little pod right in the soil. Awesome.

Custom prayer flags from Chad Niehaus in Moab, Utah. In order, they are images representing these sentiments: Use Your Body, Drop Seed, Grow Your Own, Know the Source, and Hug a Tree. We at Oregon Country Farm embrace and practice all of the above. We hope you do too. http://subvertwithus.com/

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